Adullam School of Prophetic Worship


In 2013, God commissioned us to create and run a school of prophetic worship. A prophetic word came to us, and the Lord said, “spiritual terrorists”, teaching worship leaders to start fires in the spiritual realm and break demonic strongholds and territories at various locations across the globe. As you both sing in English and tongues, inner healing from traumatic wounds will take place in people”.

We then had a prophetic confirmation 5 years later! On the 13th of January 2020 “The assignment is apostolic in nature. You have been given a key of worship. An Apostolic key to unlock in the realm of the Spirit, for worship and sounds, building a worship school, to teach people how to govern atmospheres in worship. Just as David drew people to the cave of AdulIam, I am giving you the key of revelation and a key of authority for worship, to draw people for training”.

The vision is to build and to establish teams that will be able to replicate what we teach and release the prophetic sound of worship across the nations.


Level 1 – We offer an online 6-week training course, that takes the worshiper on a prophetic journey through scripture. The modules will contain practical and theoretical elements of study, in line with scripture, referencing both Old and New Testament.

We, alongside our team will teach several modules, which include the why of worship, the structure of worship (Old Testament vs New Testament), What is prophetic worship, musicians in the bible and other specified modules.

Level 2 – For those who have completed level 1 and want to go deeper, will learn about training your spiritual ears to hearing the voice of the Spirit whilst leading worship, understanding the unseen realm and how it influences the worship service and the temple structure.

Our aim at Adullam is to teach and equip the next generation of Worship leaders, aspiring leaders, and teams to build ‘Houses of Worship’. We will be teaching you how to govern atmospheres strategically, to start fires where the atmosphere has become lukewarm and shake foundations so that you can possess the gates. We want to equip the worshiper with the original blueprint of worship given by God.