Nicky and MaxCita Gilchrist

Nicky and MaxCita Gilchrist – The Artist

Our Story


Nicky and MaxCita Gilchrist are ordained Pastors and have been worship leaders for over 15 years, serving in the local body, as well as overseas on the mission field. They are both passionate about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ across the globe and fulfilling the commission of Matthew 28 v 19 “go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations”.

As well as singing, Nicky is also a broadcaster/presenter at Premier Christian Radio and has presented shows such as ‘The Big Breakfast’.
They both studied performing arts and Maxine went on to study classical Italian opera, which has aided her in her vocal ability.

They both developed a passion for singing at an early age, honing their talents and gifts under Power Praise and Deliverance Ministries International. It was here where they met, and through their love of singing and ministry, became firm friends and then fell in love!

Nicky and MaxCita Gilchrist cannot be defined under any one musical genre; their songs and words are birthed from being in God’s presence and are prophetic in nature, reflecting Gods heart and God’s voice, singing what he is speaking currently and in Gods timing.