Welcome to Adullam House Of Worship

Adullam House of worship is led by Pastors Nick and Maxine Gilchrist. The couple, alongside their daughter, Eden- Rose were sent to Bristol, UK in 2022 by the Apostolic Church UK, to plant a new expression of worship in the city. Nick and Max are also Prophets, aligned with Global Prophetic Alliance.

Nick, and Max have a heart for the community they live and work in and believe in being a tangible presence and reflecting the light of Christ in and amongst the community.

The church welcomes everyone, from all walks of life, bringing people together in worship and fellowship. Prophetically, we sense an urgency to prepare a place where the next generation, Gen Z and Alpha’s, can access Jesus without hinderance.

The Spirit of the Lord says “I am calling my church to build for Gen Z and the Alpha generations. They must have unprecedented access to me says the Lord because you my church will make it easy for them to find me and have proximity to me. Not only will salvation come via gatherings, but at the touch of a button. Just as young people can easily access pornography and other things of darkness, my church must ensure that I am easily accessed”.

“Do you feel pressured to pray in corporate prayer sessions?”