Here at Adullam, we are passionate about equipping worship leaders/teams. We have been commissioned by God to go into different regions to work with teams, run workshops and troubleshoot as needed. We hope to stir up the gifts and callings and light and re-light fires, causing the people of God to take territories! 

Adullam SOPW goes to Taunton

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nick and Maxine over the two days. I really recognised their enthusiasm in the course materials but also their investment in us as a worship team, and as individuals. I particularly enjoyed the opportunities for the practical sessions we were able to have”.
Bless you guys.

For me it was an amazing experience ; I feel so encouraged!  My heart is full of joy,  You are fantastic tutors- i love the way how you are directing people and you are not afraid to be bold in doing it.

Your vision is very clear; That is what we need to explore and improve when we lead Worship,  Making sure that everyone are on the same page united in Holy Spirit; and they grow

And yes -you right no more excuses

Just pressing more and more and being Free “ I

Am no longer a slave of fear I am a child of God. I am praying for your family and your Ministry that God’s hand was above you all the time.

Thank you


Oakwood Church